Electronics Teaching Trips  

Do you want to get the most out of your fishing electronics? Does all the technology seem confusing? Do you want to better learn how to find fish and structure using sonar, side, and down-imaging technology?

I have recently started offering electronics trips. I am on the Humminbird Pro-staff, so my primary expertise is with the Humminbird units; however, I can do teaching trips with Lowrance users as well. The principles are consistent between the two systems, but the buttons aren't! Hbird 1 seminar

These trips are 2-3 hours in your boat. I will help set defaults on your equipment to make them easier to use, answer questions about the technology, explain how to get the most out of your GPS, sonar, and imaging technology, and how to use all three together to better find fish. The cost is $200.00 for Middle Tennessee Lakes and $250 for Kentucky or Barkley lakes. There may be an additional mileage charge depending on how far I'll have to drive to meet you. Send me an email: docg@hearlife.org for more information.
hbird 2 seminar

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